Our Mission

To Save the World

We want to make life easier for anyone involved in environmental conservation work. To make this happen, we’ve made it our goal to leverage the power of existing technologies as well as develop our own. From web apps, to DIY hardware-based citizen science projects, we have a lot of ideas for how we can move towards a more environmentally conscious future.


Your team can’t reach its full potential without an effective portal for communication. If you need help figuring out what communication tools would work best for your needs, or you need help deploying them, please get in touch.

We’ll also be experimenting with various chat bot technologies to help raise environmental awareness and boost productivity.

Promoting Citizen Science

You don’t need a lab coat to be a scientist! We want to show people the value of taking a scientific approach to thinking about the world. We’ll be putting together some projects to get kids and adults alike asking questions about the world around them.