Plant Tracker

Tracking plants geographically has become vitally important to furthering our understanding of how to successfully execute environmental restoration efforts.

Building a Mapping Platform

This website is built on top of GeoDjango which will enable us to develop advanced mapping tools for all sorts of people who work with geographic data, from hobbyists to scientists. Since my own background is in plants, the initial iterations of these mapping tools will revolve around the tracking of plant populations and seed collections.

Our first prototype will keep things simple, by allowing users to record waypoints on a map, using Google Maps-like interface. Users will have the ability to record additional information about these waypoints, to suit their own needs. One user may wish to mark sightings of a particular bird species, while another may wish to record the presence of a plant species they may wish to later revisit for seed collection.

Future iterations of the mapping application may be extended to correlate species locations to particular ecotypes, and soil compositions which may aid land managers in determining appropriate seed sources used in restoration, to investigating areas at risk of invasive plant encroachment.

Sunset Landscape

View from Frisco Peak overlooking the Wah Wah Valley at sunset.